Below is a basic guideline disclosed by Sakura Exchange, to ensure that a safe service is being provided to our customers. We would like to ask our customers for your understanding and cooperation.

Crime prevention and security measure

  • Regarding theft, and other similar possible injuries or harm that my be inflicted upon the staff of Sakura Exchange and  customers, Sakura Exchange has a constant security contract with a security company for all Sakura Exchange stores. Sakura Exchange is in constant contact with the police in charge of each Sakura Exchange store.
  • As a countermeasure against emergencies and any possible happenings, Sakura Exchange have coordinated external measures with all Sakura Exchange employees.
  • Voice and video recording, emergency switches that is linked to the police, etc. are installed in every Sakura Exchange shops. We follow such basic guidelines to ensure a safe environment for both our staff and customers, as well as implementing the PDCA.

Regarding the explanation of important information

Explanation of important information are done in both Japanese and English. 

All of the following texts and expressions are based on the Japanese version, and the first instance of legal action accompanying the trial gives top priority to within Japan. The various regulations listed below applies to Sakura Exchange and affiliated companies.
: Handling confidential information and data
: Various licenses and copyrights belonging to their respective origin
: The handling of the disclosure information is separately declared as a disclaimer
: The exchange rate fluctuations may affect conditions and operations due to factors such as natural disasters and conflict risks
: Sakura Exchange is exempted from being liable for the troubles caused by expressions and explanations by the parties concerned
: Declaration of legal compliance of each country regarding operation and compliance
: Sakura Exchange will not engage in any transactions related to anti-governmental forces, money launderers, etc. and declares to not be liable for the damages caused by the cancellation of the contract




All USD transactions worth of 1000 USD and above will require one of the following photo ID: Passport, Resident card, My Number card or Japanese Driving License.
For all other currencies, transactions worth of 300,000 yen and above in value will require one of the following photo ID: Passport, Resident card, My Number card or Japanese Driving License.

For Foreign banknotes:
・If the banknote does not pass through the Counterfeit Bill Detector, we will not be able to accept the bill.
・In addition, please note that even if the banknotes does pass through the Counterfeit Bill Detector, we may refuse to process the transaction in any of the following cases:
– Ripped/Damaged banknotes
– Banknotes with stains, graffiti, stamps, etc…
– Poor quality banknotes
・One is eligible for discounts in the case that the amount being exchanged is 200,000 yen or more.
・Depending on conditions such as exchange rate fluctuations, discounts may not be available.

Terminology Definition

Personal Information Any information which is related to an identified or identifiable natural person (stated in Article 2, Paragraph 1 of Act on the Protection of Personal Information Law)
Personal data Personal information that composes a personal information database, etc.

Retained personal data Personal data whereby the business operator has the authority to disclose, correct, suspend use, dispose of, etc. however, those listed by the Cabinet Order as harmful to public interest and other interests due to the nature of the data will be deleted within 6 months of the exclusion.
Criminal Proceeds Transfer Prevention Law Law concerning Prevention of Transfer of Criminal Proceeds.
Personal information requiring further consideration Special consideration will be given to ensure that discrimination, prejudice or other disadvantage towards an individual, such as the individual’s race, beliefs, social status, medical history, criminal history, etc. will be refrained upon.
Sensitive Personal Information For example, information on sensitive personal information as well as information regarding one’s membership in labor unions, one’s hometown, registered domiciles, healthcare, etc. as listed on Article 76, Paragraph 1 of the Enforcement Regulations.