We strive to support foreigners visiting and living in Japan. We understood how difficult it is to live in a foreign country, so do let us help you!

1. No Commission!

Everybody’s travel funds are supported to the best of our ability.

2. An Overwhelmingly Superior Rate

Due to our original method for handling exchanges, we offer a rate that none of our competitors could even try to follow.
Depending on the amount one is changing, there is a possibility that we could offer you a better rate. Please feel free to inquire with our staffs.
We’re constantly striving to have the best rates.

3. Making All Things Convenient

Have you ever arrived at your destination and thought,“Just exactly how much should I exchange at the airport bank?”
Exchanging money can be convenient when it’s done at the right place and time with the right amount of money.
We also can give you information about the town you’re in!
Sakura Exchange is here to make every aspect of your day convenient!

To individual customers

Our business “Sakura Exchange” is a place to come and exchange various currencies to Japanese yen, and vice versa.

The cost of exchanging foreign currency from the numerous countries you’ve visited is something that can’t be ignored. However, every airport and bank from every country around the world has a pricey commission fee that comes with a transaction; this is just the reality of currency exchanges, whereby it wouldn’t be strange to say that it’s impossible to reduce the amount required to exchange.

That’s where Sakura Exchange comes in. Using our own original innovations, we’ve developed a method whereby one can get a reasonably priced exchange service.

To corporate customers

Inbound Tourism Businesses

We provide foreign currencies for inbound tourism related businesses that offers currency exchange such as hotels, inns, private lodges and other accommodation businesses, duty-free shops, souvenir retailers and others. 

To Outbound Tourism Businesses

We provide foreign currencies to corporations that offers overseas travel service, study-abroad programs, overseas business trips and other outbound related corporations.